Meet the course author :)

Hello Briefbox! I'm Danny Osborne, Creative Director of UK brand 286. Working as a Creative Director for over 12 years, I started out working for various agencies and after a side project of my own took off, I went full time on 286, topping things up with select freelance projects.

I've put together a completely guided brief set based on my experience of working for various clients in the music, arts and culture industries. The aim is to give you complete, portfolio ready projects to show off to potential clients.

What you get :)

  • 5 detailed practice branding projects to complete in a suggested time frame of 5 weeks

  • 1.5 days to complete each brief, learn in your own time at your own pace

  • 100's of design process screens from the course author with step-by-step guidance throughout

  • Join the Briefbox community and get full access to all student project boards

→ How you'll learn with us

Project preview: Music Festival Brand Identity

For every brief included, Danny will show you exactly how he approaches initial research, mood-boarding, sketching, type and colour experimentation. He then outlines clearly how his finished project delivers against the client's brief. 

Course curriculum

With editable screens included:

Includes Our Brand Presentation Template

A super sleek brand presentation template to help you build out full case studies quickly and easily. Use this super minimal presentation template as a starting point for your own brand projects. Editable in Adobe Illustrator and includes Google fonts.

What our awesome students say

Don't just take our word for it...

  • Who's this guided brief set for?

    This brief set is aimed at intermediate and professional designers who have an understanding of core design principles

  • How much time should I commit?

    Each project within the brief set requires around 1.5 days to complete and you can fit this around your schedule to learn in your own time

  • Why learn with Briefbox?

    Briefbox courses are lovingly created by friendly mentors who are practising industry professionals, experienced in teaching graphic design

Frequently asked questions

  • How long will I have access to this brief set?

    You will have unlimited access to this brief set if purchased individually. If purchased through one of our subscriptions you will have access for the time your account is active.

  • Ho will I stay motivated to complete the projects

    We'll send you motivational progress reminders and lesson completed updates so you'll know exactly how far to go!

  • Can I use work created on Briefbox in my portfolio?

    Absolutely! Running a design agency ourselves, we are always impressed by applicants who create conceptual work and use it in their portfolio.

  • How do I submit to briefs?

    Add the #briefbox to your instagram posts to get your work featured! You can also submit your work created to where we will feature and showcase students work over our social media channels.

  • Can I get feedback on my progress?

    You can purchase mentoring add-ons available here, or if you purchase Briefbox premium you get mentoring included.