Looking to work on practice projects that help you improve your design skills whilst doing something good for the world / yourself at the same time? Our Design For Good Brief Set with 4 industry standard design projects can give you that spark for design and help you bulk out your portfolio with examples of working in the charity sector,  on pro-bono campaigns and social change initiatives.

The projects in this set have been created by practising industry professionals who have over 15 years experience working for various agencies across multiple different sectors. Inspired by the type of briefs we would work on for live clients, we've re-purposed past projects into practical, guided briefs that help you improve your design skills and create portfolio ready case studies that get noticed in the industry.

What's Included

4 industry standard practice briefs - Including project requirements, creative direction, deliverables required, timescales & more

Join the Briefbox Community - Get immediate access to our community forum with the pros popping in regularly to help you stay on track

Experience working on live projects - Get a taste of working on live client briefs with creative direction, deadlines and our approach included
  • Who's this brief set for?

    Whether you're just starting out and looking for projects to build up your portfolio, or you're just looking to keep your skills sharp whilst taking on client work, this brief set is the perfect way to evolve and improve your design... and you will create some killer portfolio pieces along the way too!

  • What you'll need

    You will need access to a modern browser as well as a license to and a basic understanding of any industry standard design software - including, but not limited to, the Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Sketch, Procreate etc. It just depends what your preferred weapon of choice is.

  • Why learn with Briefbox?

    Our practice briefs are a great way to get used to working on realistic projects, complete with deadlines and restrictions. Remember, both clients and potential employers will consider conceptual work in your portfolio just as much as client work... especially if it's awesome!

What you'll work on in this set

Brand & social layouts for a digital initiative that seeks to bridge the gap between young people and politics


In this practice brief you'll get a taste of putting together campaign artwork for an exciting up and coming initiative to help get young people into politics.

Brand and UI layouts for a community owned wellness app


Push your UI skills and have fun working on this project for a community owned wellness app that rewards its users for staying healthy.

Brand & web layouts for a charity that's putting an end homelessness


Help raise awareness about the homelessness situation in your city whilst working on meaningful artwork you can use to help spread the word!

Brand & UI for an app that aims to educate and raise awareness about different cultures across the world


EVLVE is looking for a designer to take their online learning platform to the next level with a brand re-fresh and new minimal UI for their app and website.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a brief set?

    Brief sets are mini courses made up of multiple practice briefs within a single theme or discipline. These are broken up into the following sections: overview, creative direction, deliverables & timescales, our approach to the brief and a student showcase.

  • What happens when I complete a brief set?

    When you complete a brief set, your dashboard (where you can see alof your progress) will update to show you you are 100% of the way through. You can go back and access any section of each brief at any time though.

  • How are the briefs written?

    Our team run a live design agency, alongside Briefbox, and the briefs we write are inspired by real client projects that we receive on a monthly basis. This offers a new and unique way of real style learning for aspiring designers.

  • Can I use work created on Briefbox in my portfolio?

    Absolutely! Running a design agency ourselves, we are always impressed by applicants who create conceptual work and use it in their portfolio.

  • How long will I have access to a brief set?

    If purchasing the brief set as a single purchase you will have unlimited access. If you purchases as part of our PRO subscription you will have access for as long as that subscription is active.

  • How do I submit to briefs?

    We encourage our students to submit your work created to [email protected] where we will feature and showcase students work over at the student showcase page, as well as on our social media channels.

  • Can I get feedback on my progress?

    We offer case study reviews and portfolio reviews additionally to any single course purchase or subscription. You can find out more over here.

Meet the Mentors

Our mentors are hand-picked experts, who are actively working in the design industry. They regularly check in to the student project board to see what our students have been up to, and to offer tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and to improve your design skills quicker.


Joel Rosen

Co-founder, Creator & Mentor

Joel is the Co-founder and Creator of Briefbox. Alongside adding fresh new briefs, resources and curating the Briefbox sets, Joel is also an active mentor to our community. Joel is a passionate illustrator and typographer and is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of UK based design agency, ORCA, where he leads his own awesome creative team on large scale brand and digital projects.


Matt Campbell

Designer & Mentor

With over five years' experience specialising in brand identity, strategy and repsonsive website design for environmentally-conscious brands around the world, Matt takes the lead on digital and web brief sets here at Briefbox. From wireframing and UI kits to website and mobile app design, Matt regularly pushes our students to create stunning artwork that makes a real difference for people and businesses online.