How Briefbox is different?

After receiving hundreds of job applications and portfolios at his own design agency, Briefbox Creator and Co-Founder Joel, was shocked to see how many lacked real commercial style projects. This made it difficult when choosing new design talent as many of their portfolios just didn't display the relevant projects that he experienced in the industry everyday. And so Briefbox was born, as a way to offer realistic design-brief style learning, that is accessible to everyone.

Our team have been working in the design industry for over 15 years, so we know a thing or two about design, strategy, illustration and everything in between, as well as working on large scale commercial projects.

A real-world style of learning

Although many universities and design courses help students to step outside the box and improve their technical skills and software knowledge, they lack substance when setting projects that emulate real client work that freelancers and agencies have to deal with on a daily basis. Often, in the professional world, these tasks are demanding and require a fast turnaround, and that's where designing with Briefbox differs from spending years at college or university; it's quick learning in a realistic environment!