How Briefbox is different?

After receiving hundreds of job applications and portfolios at his own design agency, Briefbox Creator and Co-Founder Joel, was shocked to see how many lacked real commercial style projects. This made it difficult when choosing new design talent as many of their portfolios just didn't display the relevant projects that he experienced in the industry everyday. And so Briefbox was born, as a way to offer realistic design-brief style learning, that is accessible to everyone.

Our team have been working in the design industry for over 15 years, so we know a thing or two about design, strategy, illustration and everything in between, as well as working on large scale commercial projects.

Meet The Team

Our awesome remote team are based out of London, Bristol, Milan, Rio De Jeneiro & New York


Joel Rosen

Co-founder & Mentor

Joel is the Co-founder and Creator of Briefbox. Alongside adding fresh new briefs, resources and curating the Briefbox sets, Joel is also an active mentor to our community. Joel is a passionate illustrator and typographer and is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of UK based design agency, ORCA, where he leads his own awesome creative team on large scale brand and digital projects.


James Ewin

Co-founder & Mentor

James holds a BA in Graphic Design and specialises in brand development, strategy, editorial and UI design. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of design agency, ORCA, and also the Co-Founder of Briefbox. James is an active mentor to our community, creating content, briefs and resources which emulate the kind of projects he receives each week in his own agency. 


Flavia Mayer

Mentor & Content Creator

Flavia is a highly talented designer and illustrator, with a BA in Graphic Design. Flavia is passionate about bespoke patterns, custom lettering and hand made, authentic textures. Flavia writes briefs, tutorials and articles and is also available for one-to-one feedback sessions and portfolio reviews, helping our growing community to develop their skills and build up their portfolios. 


Meggie Wood

Content & community support

Meggie holds a BA Hons in Illustration and an MA in Multi Disciplinary Printmaking. Meggie has worked within the creative industry for the last 10 years in various positions, holding accounts for the likes of Audi, The RWA, Stormzy and Ed Sheeran. Meggie is here to support the Briefbox community and create content for our growing library of practice briefs and resources.


Hannah George

Product & marketing

Hannah is a highly experienced brand evolution and trend specialist with a deep understanding of cultural insights and bringing new products to a global market. Hannah specialises in uncovering innovative strategic opportunities and aesthetic-led directions for a global list of clients. Hannah manages all of Briefbox's brand and marketing channels. 


Max Harding

Design & mentor

Max holds a BA Hons degree in Graphic Communications and over the last 6 years as a designer has worked for national and global brands such as Budweiser Budvar, Live Nation, Ombudsman, Butcombe and Associated British Foods. Max has been featured in Computer Arts, Design Week, The Die Line, World Brand Design Society and is a Mentor to our Briefbox community.


Paul Jackson


Paul is a highly talented, and versatile web developer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He specialises in user interface design, user experience and development. Paul is passionate about using the latest technologies to create accessible, intuitive user experiences. Paul is on hand to grow and develop the Briefbox platform to best suit our community. 


Vicki Lee

Community support

Vicki holds a BA in Interactive Media and is Briefbox's super creative and friendly community support manager. Vicki is on hand to deal with any queries or issues with regard to accounts, submissions, payments, partnerships and anything else. Vicki oversees all of our community and student progress forums, making sure everyone has what they need.  

A real-world style of learning

Although many universities and design courses help students to step outside the box and improve their technical skills and software knowledge, they lack substance when setting projects that emulate real client work that freelancers and agencies have to deal with on a daily basis. Often, in the professional world, these tasks are demanding and require a fast turnaround, and that's where designing with Briefbox differs from spending years at college or university; it's quick learning in a realistic environment!