Briefbox has moved to a brand new platform :)

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We recently created a brand new platform for Briefbox and to help you get started with any queries you may have we’ve put together a breakdown of what’s new and a list of the most frequently asked questions.

What are the changes?

Brand overhaul:

The Briefbox brand has stood the test of time for the last 5 years, but like all good brands, change and evolution is essential to represent the updates and improvements our product has gone through. Our design team have re-worked our brand elements including our identity, tone of voice and brand assets

New platform and functionality:

Under the hood, the new Briefbox site is a million miles away from what the current version is built on. Expect 99.9% uptime, bullet speed site loading times and a clean, lightweight code base to ensure all user interactions are seamless and uninterrupted. We’ve changed our complete code base from scratch making the switch from an older PHP CMS into a custom built Learning Management System (LMS), built in the liquid programming language.

New course player and structured learning:

After countless surveys and user interviews with our most active existing students, it became apparent that the current format for working through the briefs lacked structure and guidance. We decided to completely overhaul the functionality around this. Our new course player enables us to break briefs and courses up into mini segments that students can easily work through and complete as they go. We’ve switched from simple article based briefs which felt overwhelming into a curriculum style format to help guide users through each key phase of a brief or course.

Brief sets and courses

We’ve re-written, revamped and organised our briefs into clearly defined topics, disciplines and themes to help give our students better clarity around what to focus on. Previously our full library would be accessible — but after much feedback from our user interviews — it was clear that many people felt overwhelmed by the options available. We’ve gone from a warehouse with no shelves and limited categorisation into a well organised, structured supermarket :). As well as discipline specific brief sets, we’ve introduced themed sets and topics like our brand new ‘Killer Homepages’ set and the ‘Designing For the Music Industry’ set, all planned for the upcoming launch in early May.

Brand new user dashboard and progress tracker:

All briefs and courses, as well as being re-written and organised into mini sets and topics, are now included in your brand new user dashboard, which highlights what you are currently working on and how much progress you have made. Work through the brand new, updated briefs in your own time whilst building up essential case studies and projects to use in your portfolio.

Helpful bits for existing members:

  • What changes have been made to the Briefbox site?

    In May 2020 we launched the brand new Briefbox platform. When you login you will now see a brand new, modern interface that will make working on, and improving your design skills a lot more enjoyable and effective. As part of this move we have also significantly refreshed and enhanced the content on offer. We will also add new content regularly to keep you inspired.

  • I’m an existing Briefbox member, how do I login to the new site for the first time?

    The following members do NOT need to register for the new site- we’ve moved you across already: 1. If you had an active paid subscription with Briefbox as of the 15 May 2020; OR 2. If you had logged into the old site in the last 6 months. If you fall into one of these two groups, then we have automatically moved you across to the new site and granted you access to all the new learning material corresponding to your existing free, PRO or PREMIUM membership. You should have received a welcome email outlining the steps to complete your account setup and how to login to your account on the new site. If you are an existing member who does not fall into one of these two categories, then you can click here to register for the new site. We hope to see you there soon!

  • I can’t find the welcome email containing the link to complete my account set-up. What should I do?

    If you can’t find the welcome email, or if the link to complete your account set-up is no longer valid, you can click the ‘reset password’ button on the login page. You then just need to enter the email address associated with your old Briefbox account, as this is the email address we used to set up your new account. You will then be sent a new link to reset your password so that you can login to the site. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact us at and we will help you get set up. **If you are registered to the old site for free and have not logged into the site for more than 6 months then you will not have received a welcome email and will need to sign up to the new site. **

  • How do I login to the new platform once I've completed my account setup?

    Once you have completed your account setup you can login to the new site by clicking here.

    ** Please use the email address that was associated with your old Briefbox account. **

  • Has my subscription price changed?

    No. If you are an existing member with an active PRO or PREMIUM subscription, there have been no changes to your payment plan or billing cycle.

  • As an existing PREMIUM member, what content will I have access to on the new site?

    PREMIUM members have access to all brief sets and PREMIUM members can still request feedback on their submissions under the 'My mentoring' section in your user dashboard. Premium members get 2 submission reviews a month.

  • I'm an existing PREMIUM member, do I still get feedback on my submissions?

    Yes, if you were a PREMIUM member on or before May 15th 2020, you will continue to receive 2 submission reviews from our team of mentors for as long as you retain your PREMIUM membership.

  • As an existing PRO member, what content will I have access to on the new site?

    You will have access to all our brief sets including over 80 practical, inspiring and helpful practice briefs.

  • I'm an existing Briefbox user registered to the free membership product. What content will I have access to on the new site?

    On the new site you will have access to two Brief Sets for free, which contain a total of 12 new practice briefs. You can now also purchase individual Brief Sets and Courses if you are not ready to subscribe to our PRO monthly or annual subscription. If you have logged into the old Briefbox site in the last 6 months then we have already moved you across to the new site. You should have received a welcome email with steps to complete your new account setup. If you have not logged into the old site for more than 6 months, then please sign up to the new site by clicking here.

  • How do I view any content, progress and submissions made on the old Briefbox site?

    Your old profile can still be viewed and accessed by visiting our archive site. The archive site will be available until 23rd July 2020, after which we will remove our old site from any live domain.

  • I'm an existing PRO or Premium member, how do I update my payment details or cancel my subscription?

    Please email us at