Brand new Briefbox — launching soon

Brand new Briefbox — launching soon

Joel here, the Founder of Briefbox. Over the last 6 months, we’ve been working around the clock planning, designing and building our brand new community first educational platform with tonnes of improvements we can’t wait to share with you.

The last few years have been full of ups and downs, we previously migrated the whole Briefbox platform but it soon became apparent that the new format faced plenty of challenges and limitations. For example, not being able to just quickly jump into a design brief you liked the look of.

After speaking with countless members over the last few months, we realised it wasn’t just the way our briefs were delivered that could have been better, it was that we were missing two other crucial areas that most users wanted; a better active community and honest feedback.

A brand new thriving design community, now with feedback on your work

The future of Briefbox now lies in community and as the Founder and host I will be doing everything I can to build an ever-evolving, thriving community. The brand new Briefbox will not only provide inspiring design briefs & challenges like we do so currently, but everything else a successful community entails like true member engagement, feedback on your work and the ability to form connections amongst our tribe of like-minded designers as we grow and improve together.

This means work, a whole lot of work, but we’re committed to bring the power of community to Briefbox in 2024 and beyond by providing live lessons, industry talks and group feedback sessions for members.

Expect Q&A afternoons where myself and special guest experts will be passing down knowledge and skills to the next generation of designers, helping committed members make it in the industry and increase their earning potential.

On top of our new membership and community, we’ve also been putting together the curriculum for a fast-paced, 8 week mixed discipline bootcamp which will be running with the first cohort in April this year. This will be a highly personalised course, with a max of 10 students per cohort to ensure premium mentoring and better results (more on this below) for now here’s a round-up of the all new Briefbox.

The brand new Briefbox soft launches in less than 4 weeks - here is an overview of what to expect:

Feedback on your work & weekly Q&A sessions

Members can connect with like-minded creatives as we introduce two new live sessions; Critique club which includes Q&A feedback and Deep work afternoons with the goal of working through tasks and hitting weekly goals together. In Critique club sessions you will be able to share what you are working on and get honest feedback. By combining the feedback into group sessions we are able to provide an affordable solution that will offer tonnes of value when it comes to improving as a designer. Getting feedback on your work is one thing but hearing honest feedback on others is super helpful as you’ll gain additional feedback and tips based on what each of us is working on. Let’s grow and improve together.

It’s important to note that members will also be able to submit their work into a private feedback channel if you are uncomfortable putting your work in front of everyone else (although I’m confident after a few months as part of our new community you’ll build up the confidence to do so!).

Members can also get personal portfolio review and a 15 minute 1–2–1 anytime as part of their subscription. Additional 1–2–1 mentoring sessions can be purchased for more thorough, ongoing private feedback if needed.

New community platform

Our brand new community will be hosted on the circle platform and will include direct member-to-member chats along with new and inspiring resource channels covering areas like type foundries, mock-ups, tools for creatives and updates on inspiring designers you need to follow.

Expect a way more active community where members can get involved in quarterly round tables to help decide on the most important things needed and help us plan new lessons or industry topics we should focus on.

Are you obsessed with design and passionate about helping the industry improve? Do you want to create long-lasting connections with other like-minded creatives and raise your profile at the same time? If so, you might be interested in securing a high level position in our brand new community. We are currently on the look-out for stand-out creatives to fill some essential roles including advocates, mentors & brand ambassadors.

These positions will benefit from lifetime access to Briefbox, a solid way to raise your profile in the industry, plus way more perks and benefits.

If you are interested in grabbing a spot please send us an email to with a link to your work and an overview of how you would like to support.

Live lessons & industry talks

Tune into our fortnightly live lessons and industry talks covering loads of high value topics. Upcoming lessons and talks already planned are: ‘Self promo and prioritising social platforms when positioning yourself as a freelancer’, ‘Prototyping in Figma’, ‘Introduction to Framer — the ultimate nocode website builder’ and ‘Exploring generative AI with Midjourney’. All sessions will be recorded for Plus members to check into if you are unable to attend the fortnightly lessons.

The Briefbox Bootcamp — launches April this year

After countless requests from Briefbox users for practical guidance, critique on work and core skill development, we realised it was time to put together a modern, highly personalised design course.

We’ve spent the last 6 months building a fast paced, 8 week curriculum that will give you everything you need when it comes to making it as a designer today. Each student will finish the course with complete client case studies, an online portfolio and a certificate of completion. Students who complete the bootcamp will also get announcements and recommendations of freelance or paid work opportunities from our network of businesses and agencies who actively look for talent across the Briefbox community.

Creative leaders, business owners and decision makers are super busy, you need to learn how to stop them in their tracks and get noticed when pitching for work and that is the primary focus of this course — a fast track affordable way to help you get paid work in the industry and become a reputable designer.

If you are interested and want to secure your spot in our next cohort launching on the 15th April 2024 please send us an email to for an info-pack to learn more about fees and the full curriculum structure.

Making the brief library way more accessible with an all new & improved UI

This one was a must have for the new Briefbox platform and something that needed to be addressed — the single brief format must return! Currently we group our briefs into brief sets and deliver them via a course player format. After hearing feedback from lots of you we realised that people missed the old Briefbox where you could easily find one brief, hyper focus on that and bookmark it to your favourites for later.

We’ve also added other UI improvements like highlighting the professional designer we worked with on the brief and making it much easier to be able to submit your response to any brief quickly and easily.

We’re introducing Nocode tutorials and lessons to the Briefbox platform

The industry is changing, it’s getting more competitive not just with new designers popping up everyday but with AI on the scene it’s’ more important than ever to broaden your skill set and capabilities.

Nocode has been around for a few years now, but it’s still relatively untapped in traditional design schools and design education. But what is nocode I hear you ask? Simply put; learn nocode and you’ll be able to publish your designs to the web, easily and hassle free without ever touching a line of code. With traditional websites costing clients anywhere between 2k-20k, if you can start offering this to your clients you’ll seriously increase your earning potential whilst also getting full control of your pixels online!

Personally, I’ve spent the last two years dedicating much of my professional time learning all the latest nocode tools and building up my network connecting with Nocode experts. I plan to bring this knowledge into the brand new Briefbox and our upcoming schedule of live lessons will include step-by-step tutorials and introductions to these new tools as I share this secret weapon every modern designer needs to know about to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve got a brand new subscription that includes feedback on your work, live lessons and loads more by default— Meet Briefbox Plus 🙂

Our brand new membership including full community access, feedback on your work and access to live lessons and industry talks will be priced at just £199.00 per year. Our current subscription gives full access to the briefs, but we’re passionate about providing real value and true support to our members, so we’ve created a new subscription that gives more, a whole lot more.

  • All the briefs & courses

  • Submit work for feedback privately

  • Live sessions & industry talks

  • Monthly 15 min 1-2-1

  • Connect with like-minded creatives

  • Freelance opportunities + job alerts

  • Anytime portfolio reviews and a monthly 15 minute 1–2–1 to all Plus members

I’m already a paying member, what does it mean for me?

If you are an existing Pro member you will get migrated with full access to the new community with the added Plus benefits. If you are paying monthly we will honour your monthly subscription if you prefer to keep paying that way.

If you are an existing Premium member you will get migrated with full access to the new community, the new group feedback channels and we will now give you ongoing monthly private 1–2–1’s additional to feedback available with Plus. Any questions about existing subscriptions feel free to reach out to and we will get right back to you.

— — —

Thanks to everyone who has helped make the Brand new Briefbox happen and I can’t wait to connect with many of you in our new community platform to learn more about you as a designer and to help you with your goals in the industry!

Joel from Briefbox. 👋

P.S If you want to join the all new Briefbox feel free to grab our pre-launch offer below :)

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